Fulfillment Process Overview- S/4HANA
Fulfillment Process Overview- S/4HANA
Fulfillment Process Overview S/4HANA

In this 4-hour introductory course to the Fulfillment process, you'll jump into the detailed activities, transactions and reports of a generic fulfillment process, executed in S/4HANA. This process is also known as the Order-to-Cash Process. You'll gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of the process, with a special focus on the master data, organizational data and transactional data that are used and generated across each step of the process.

Our curriculum is specifically designed for end users to learn and apply the core concepts in SAP ERP, including:

·       Triggers & Tasks

·       Data & Outcomes

·       Financial & Accounting Impact

·       Material Impact of Process Steps

This course assumes that you have a solid understanding of key concepts in SAP ERP and the core business processes found in most companies. If you would like to review or reinforce your foundational knowledge, please take the ASUG U SAP ERP 101 course before starting this course.

Course Outline

·       Fulfillment Process Overview

·       Material Master Overview

·       Customer Master Overview

·       Customer/Material Info Records

·       Organizational Data in the Fulfillment Process

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